Stomach acids and Alkalis Lab Report

 Acids and Alkalis Lab Report Essay

Research laboratory Report

Stomach acids and Alkalis:

Chemistry of Neutralization and Salt Creation

Introduction: An acid is known as a group of chemicals. Acids will be positively recharged ions, they can be liquid and they are solutions of pure ingredients in drinking water. If you want to find out if something is an acidity, you can test it by using litmus paper. Stomach acids will switch litmus paper red, even though alkalis can turn it green. Alkalis happen to be negatively charged ions and are usually solid. Aim: To find out how much of various acids is needed to neutralize 25mls of sodium hydroxide answer (NaOH). Hypothesis: The strongest alkali will need the smallest volume of an acid solution to block out and the the most fragile will need more acid. Variables:

Control| Independent| Dependent

The indicator, NaOH| H2SO4 HClHNO3| The reaction between the stomach acids and alkalinity.

Materials / Apparatus:

2. H2SO4

5. HCL

2. HNO3

2. Alkali (NaOH)

* Stand

* Burette

* Beaker

* Funnel

* Bunsen Burner

2. Crucible

* Phenolphyalein


1 . Dump the 25 ml of NaOH to a beaker.

2 . Drop three drops of phenolphyalein in to the beaker.

three or more. The solution will now turn green.

4. Through a funnel, put the acid into the burette.

a few. Start dripping a few drops one by one into the beaker. 6. The solution will begin getting a less heavy shade of pink. 7. Stir the beaker around.

8. After the solution transforms clear, end adding more acid.

9. Estimate the amount of acidity used.

12. Take the remedy and put a bit of it into a crucible. 11. Mild the Bunsen burner.

12. It solution will certainly turn into sodium crystals launched heated. NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O

NaOH & HNO3 sama dengan NaNO3

NaOH + H2SO4 = Na2SO4 + 2H2O


Alkali| Acid| Moles| Observation

NaOH| HCL| 1 Mole| Took four ml to neutralize. No more experiment was performed. | NaOH| HCL| 0. 1 Mole| Took 23 ml to neutralize. installment payments on your 30 minutes right up until pink sodium crystals were formed. | NaOH| HNO3| 1 Mole|...

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