Christianity and God

 Christianity and God Essay



1 ) This syllabus consists of 20 or so lessons. Instructors should so divide and teach the lessons, taking into account the normal of the pupils, as to cover the syllabus within a year. 2 . В В It is also important to conduct periodical tests to be able to know if the students have got learnt the actual have been taught. 3. Just before teaching a lesson, educators should first study not simply the Holy bible portions and verses succumbed the lessons, but likewise portions and verses matching to the subject matter found in other places in the Scriptures. It is enough, if there after the lessons is educated in a basic way according to the standard with the children. Educators should be dedicated in this respect, as it will be difficult to teach the kids, unless they will themselves examine the lessons in detail. 4. Educators should educate the students to memorise the memory passages the day the lesson is usually taught and make them recite the same in the following school. 5. In the event that errors are noticed in any kind of lesson, the teachers will need to make a note of these kinds of errors in the blank sheet sub-joined for the syllabus, sometime later it was bring them to the notice from the Secretary with the Sunday College. We post this syllabus, giving due to Lord for those benefits This individual has hitherto bestowed upon the Sunday School work. May possibly the Immutable God get this to syllabus a blessing to any or all the Sunday School teachers and students! В CONTENTS

1 . В Sacrifices

installment payments on your В The Paschal Lamb

a few. В Burnt Supplying

4. В Meat Offering

five. В Peace Supplying

6. В Sin Offering

six. В Trespass Supplying

8. В Dispensations (Part I)

9. В Dispensations (Part II)

10. В Dispensations (Part III)

11. В Dispensations (Part IV)

12. В The Old Testament Ministry

13. В The New Testament Ministry

14. В The Order of Melchisedec

15. В Faith Life

16. В Sanctification through the Spirit

17. В Victorious Life

18. В New Jerusalem (Part I)

19. В New Jerusalem (Part II)

20. В Zion



1 ) In the Outdated Testament period man may approach Goodness only through sacrifices. Sacrifice was the just order ordained by Our god, by which man could meet up with God. Sacrifices brought about a reconciliation between God and man. 2 . The Old Legs sacrifices were offered like a shadow of the New Legs experiences (Heb. 10: 1). 3. Your head of sacrifice was first seen in God Him self. And for this reason Goodness revealed Himself as a Triune God. The Lamb slain from the first step toward the world (Rev. 13: 8) offered Himself, through the endless Spirit (Holy Spirit — The Priest) without area unto God (Heb. 9: 14). 4. According to the agreement that God had made with Abraham, it absolutely was in His is going to to give the assured land to his generation. But they were slaves in Egypt. A sacrifice was necessary to receive them who had been in bondage and for this kind of God gave them what the law states concerning the paschal lamb. Through this sacrifice, the Israelites were redeemed from Egypt and set away towards Canaan (Exo. several: 7, 8). 5. When the Lord God laid down the laws from the tabernacle, This individual commanded that the brazen ara be placed first, before the door in the tabernacle in the tent with the congregation, that may be, in the external court (Exo. 40: 6). This demonstrates the ministry of the church (sacrifices) is definitely the first of most other ministries in the tabernacle. 6. First of all, all the Old Testament surrender are a darkness of Christ offering Himself as a sacrifice to reconcile man with God. Second, they reveal the psychic sacrifices to get made by the Church, the body of Christ, on her perfection. six. Each kid of God who desires to reach the excellence of Christ must present Himself to be a sacrifice, that may be, the experiences of the sacrifices must be spiritually achieved in him. 8. Five major sacrifices and five minor surrender were presented during the Older Testament times. The Five Major Sacrifices:

(i)В В В В В Burnt providing

(ii)В В В В В Meat offering

(iii)В В В В В Peace offering

(iv)В В В В В Sin supplying

(v)В В В В В Trespass offering

Of these, the...

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