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Common Language Mistakes

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DESCRIPTION: Each of the following worksheets will allow you to learn and steer clear of common language errors. Making any of these mistakes in a writing assignment could cause you to shed marks.

GUIDELINES: Read every single worksheet cautiously and write the activities within your notebook or on lined paper. TEND NOT TO write with this booklet! Take note that when it comes to paragraph activities, you do not need to rewrite the entire paragraph. Once you have completed all the worksheets, observe Jen to get the answer essential.


Homonyms Worksheet 1

In newspaper after daily news, numerous problems with spelling occur, particularly with homonyms. Homonyms are phrases that audio alike but are spelled in another way and usually mean different things. Unfortunately, these are the kinds of misspellings that readers are most likely to become prejudiced against. Your job is usually to train her to look for these kinds of trouble spots. Do not afraid to look them up and make sure you have the proper spelling! Every time you use a homonym, a alert bell can be off in your head. For practice, choose the correct word in the parentheses and write this in your laptop computer.

Example: When ever (your, you're) in New York, be sure to go to the Museum of Natural History.

1 . Details of the World Series (road, rode) down Main Street within a parade. installment payments on your After examining murder mysteries all summer season, she made a decision to (right, write) one very little.

3. While I was cleaning, I found some (loose, lose) change under the cushions. 4. Thunder and (lightning, lightening) kept the campers awake all night. your five. The young woman place a secure on her (diary, dairy) the moment she realized her roommate had been reading it.

6th. A square has four (right, write) (angles, angels).


several. The runners stood (altogether, all together) near the beginning line, waiting for the sign to take (there, their) spots.

8. The trip was great, (accept, except) of waking time the car stopped working in the (dessert, desert).

9. The broken-hearted man wrote to the (advice, advise) columnist. 10. Going to college may (altar, alter) a person's watch about many things. 11. The play was an (hour, our) very long.

12. The area (counsel, council) agreed to patrol the recreation area at night. 13. Professional bakers have particular (devices, devises) that make them form a (piece, peace) of pastry quite easily.

18. The amount of air in the air (lessens, lessons) as the climbers reach larger levels.

12-15. Scott Kamiel (maybe, might be) the best (pitcher, picture) we have ever had. 16. Royal prince Charles can (rain, reign) as another King of England. seventeen. Do you know (who's, whose) car is preventing the front yard? 18. The final (scene, seen) of the video was filmed from a helicopter. 19. He hid the candy bar (were, where) his friends could not still find it. 20. Every thing costs more today ( then, than) this used (to, too).


21. Some days the smog in La is so heavy that people may barely (breath, breathe), and the paramedics have more (patience, patients) than they can handle.

_______________________________________________________________ Homonyms Worksheet 2

Choose the correct term in the parentheses and compose it inside your notebook. 1 . The trouble at the center East has had a serious (affect, effect) on the price of oil across the world.

2 . The (brakes, breaks) on my car don't work properly.

3. The (principal, principle) of the high school gave an interesting lecture on the (principal, principle) causes of failure and another around the (principals, principles) of scientific research.

4. (There, their) are a variety jobs obtainable in the public colleges of Bulloch County mainly because several educators have lost (there, their) jobs.

5. The committee ensemble (its, it's) vote in support of the new regulation. 6. President Bush's hazards have had tiny (affect, effect) on Hussein. 7. As I was driving to school today, I realized that I was (to, too) worn out to see clearly. 8. In the event you go to the...



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