Dorothy Johnson

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Dorothy Johnson's the Behavioural Program Model

Mother Cassandra C. Landicho – Cruz

Qualifications of Dorothy Johnson

2. Born on 21'st of August 1919 in Atlanta, USA

* 1942 – Bachelor of Scientific research in Nursing jobs from Nashville Tennessee. * Professionals in Public Wellness from Harvard University, Boston in 1948. Worked in several places in america and in 1955 at CMC Vallore BOY. * Creation of her theory started in 1940's when she began to train. * Retired in 1978, and died it happened in 1999.

The Theory

* The Behavioural Program Model of Breastfeeding was first proposed in late 1960s. * This advocates the fostering of efficient and effective behavioural functioning from the patient to avoid illness. 5. The patient is defined as a behavioural system consisting of seven behavioural subsystem. 2. Each subsystem is composed of four strength characteristics. 5. An imbalance in every single results in disequilibrium.

* The nurses' function is to help the patient preserve his or her balance.

Goals of nursing relating to BSM

1 . To assist the patient whose conduct is proportional to sociable demands. installment payments on your To assist the individual who is capable to modify his behaviour in ways that is supports biological imperatives. 3. To support the patient that is able to advantage to the maximum extent during illness in the physicians know-how and abilities. 4. To help the patient in whose behaviour will not give proof of unnecessary stress as a consequence of health issues.

Johnsons Behavioural System Unit (BSM) review

Evolved from philosophical ideas, theory, and research; her scientific background; and lots of years of believed, and writing Influences:

Florencia Nightingale

Program theory

Developing theory

AIM: Restore or perhaps maintain behavioural integrity, balance, and effective and effecient behavioural functioning. CLIENT: a bio psychological being with an instability with the subsystems as a result of stress BREASTFEEDING: " a regulatory pressure which functions to prevent the business and integration of the patient's behaviours at an optimum level. ” 7 SUBSYSTEM: each has strength and functional components.

The Behavioural System Model

Affiliative or Attachment Subsystem

* Behavior associated with the expansion and maintenance of interpersonal marriage with parents, peers, power figures. 2. Establish a feeling of relatedness and belonging with others including add-on behaviour, interpersonal relationships and communication skills. * Aim attainment.

Dependency Subsystems

* Behaviour associated with obtaining assistance from other folks in the environment for concluding tasks and emotional support * Includes seeking of attention, endorsement, recognition, simple self-care skills and mental security.

Ingestive subsystem

* Behaviors associated with the the consumption of needed assets from the exterior environments, including food, smooth, information, know-how and items for the propose of establishing an effective romantic relationship with the environment.

Eliminative subsystems

* Behaviour associated with the relieve of physical waste products from the body. 2. Express thoughts

Sexual subsystems

2. Behaviour associated with a specific sexuality based id for the purpose of ensuring pleasure / procreation, understanding and actions being congruent with biological sex. Hostile protective subsystems

* Behaviour associated with real or potential threat inside the environment for the purpose of ensuring survival. * Safeguard of self through direct or indirect acts.

2. Identification of potential hazard.

Achievement subsystems

* Actions associated with competence of oneself and your environment for the purpose of producing a wanted effect. 2. Includes find solutions to problems activity

2. Knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses.


* Conduct associated with preserving and fixing energy balance, e. g. relief from tiredness, recovery via illness, rest behaviour,...

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