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Leadership's effect on employee proposal

Differences amongst entrepreneurs and professional Entrepreneurs

Nancy Papalexandris and Eleanna Galanaki

Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece


Purpose – The purpose of this study is usually to identify similarities and differences between the command practices of managing entrepreneurs and specialist CEOs and investigate just how these impact on their instant subordinates' fulfillment, commitment, inspiration, and performance (engagement). Design/methodology/approach – A multiple-respondents review, aiming at Entrepreneurs and their immediate subordinates, was conducted. Element analysis, correlations and achieved regression examination were used in in an attempt to reach results. Findings – Two management dimensions are simply to be many influential: as being a good manager/mentor and articulating vision. Although good manager/mentor characteristics prove crucial for both types of CEOs, the effect of vision connection on subordinates is moderated by the type of company the CEO can be leading. Not any significant variations are found in the leadership design that the two sorts of Entrepreneurs adopt, aside from their peace and self-possession, which is reduce among entrepreneurs. Practical effects – The findings increase questions regarding the differences in subordinate expectations by owners – CEOs, rather than professional CEOs; and level at specific characteristics which may be developed in order to boost leadership performance in both equally groups of best managers. Originality/value – The study underlines the value of appear vision expansion and articulation in entrepreneur-run firms, since it appears that people working for these kinds of firms anticipate more direction from the Head. It is also continual that good management and mentoring are essential in any kind of firm, in order to develop an effective, dedicated and encouraged top administration team, which will bring corporate and business success. Keywords Leadership, Internet marketers, Chief executives, Senior supervision, Employee participation Paper type Research conventional paper

Leadership's effect


Received July 2008 Revised Sept 2008 Approved September 08

Introduction The effect of the Leader Officer's (CEO) leadership design has been largely debated, as it is considered to possess multiple level effects on every employee. These types of effects could possibly be either immediate or roundabout, through the impact that CEO leadership is wearing upper managing. The CEO is the person from which it is likely to give way, vision and identity to the firm. This kind of role might be even more prominent in corporations managed by owner or founder. Through this paper we all attempt to explain on the effect of the CEO leadership design on worker engagement, in companies work by their owner or president compared to kinds run by simply professional CEOs. The root hypothesis of the study may be the assumption that owner/entrepreneur[1] primary executives does not only differ from specialist ones in traditional gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming aspects generally attributed to all of them, such as risk taking

Command & Firm Development Journal Vol. 40 No . 5, 2009 pp. 365-385 queen Emerald Group Publishing Limited 0143-7739 DOI 10. 1108/01437730910961685

LODJ 31, 4


propensity, eye-sight, determination, self-esteem, etc . (Baum and Locke, 2004, Kuratko and Hodgetts, 2004), yet also in the manner they are perceived and satisfy the expectations with their immediate subordinates. This means that they surrounding the CEO can expect a different sort of CEO management behavior, when the п¬Ѓrm can be run by owner, rather than when it is manage by a professional CEO. The study is founded on the data of any 50-CEOs review carried out in Greece in 2004, within Phase II of the EARTH project (Global Leadership and Organizational Tendencies Effectiveness Research Project) (Den Hartog ou al., 99; House ainsi que al., 2001a;...

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