Japan's Role on planet War a couple of

 Essay on Japan’s Part in World Warfare 2

Hank Wu

Japan's Goal for World War II: China and tiawan

If Asia can take China and control it, they will have all the resources they'll dependence on the next a century. China is thus big, and it is so hard intended for Japan to regulate, that it usually takes way too many helpful Japan to really control Chinese suppliers. 1937: Western Invasion of China

1931: Pearl Harbor

1945: Hiroshima

Japan's Vicious Routine:

Japan invades China. So that fighting in China, Asia needs even more resources (food, ammunition, fuel, and parts). Japan invades northern People from france Indochina pertaining to resources. This really is a French colony. U. S. institutes a great embargo upon military parts (which means America won't sell these people parts). This kind of says for the Japanese the fact that U. H. is very unhappy. Japan invades southern The french language Indochina pertaining to rubber. -U. S. acadamies an oil embargo (at the time, the U. T. supplied 90% of Japanese people oil). Asia wants the Dutch East Indies (aka Indonesia) since it has a large amount of oil, but the U. S i9000. fleet is in the way The Bombing of Pearl Harbor (12/7/1941):


Cripple the U. S. Fast (Navy: Ships)- This was partially successful. That causes a 6 month delay, plus the U. S. must experience a six month restoring period ahead of the U. H. has enough ships to go to war with Japan. This is controversial since some U. S. Fleets were eliminated during the bombing, and we find out for sure that the Japanese Code was busted and a note regarding Arizona memorial being bombed was translated by Americans. We can't say for sure whether F. D. 3rd there’s r. knew concerning this or not really, and allowed the bombing to occur to be able to push the American community to go to war and not risk revealing to the Japanese we had damaged their code. Scare the U. T. out to getting into the conflict. - This kind of backfires considerably. Instead of daunting the U. S. out of your war, that encourages these to go to battle and the U. S. declares war inside 33 mins. In order to defend against U. S. attack, Asia takes island destinations throughout the pacific (defensive edge around The japanese and China)....

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