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2 . What are the functions of Account flow assertion and its uses?

What do the financial prediction and options and uses of cash statement of company tell us?

Discuss about breakeven examination. What does the breakeven chart in the company inform us?


Fund Flow Assertion

Financial statements mainly include profit and loss accounts and "balance sheet". Profit and loss consideration lists away all the expenses made by the firm and revenue received over a period of period. Balance sheet describes the budget of the company at a certain point of the time. While pay for flow declaration is free to equally balance sheet and profit and loss consideration, it gives a clear thought about the movement of funds out-and-in of the company, during a particular period of time.

Meaning of Pay for Flow

The financial assertion of the organization indicates assets, liabilities and capital about a particular day and also the profit or loss during a period. But it can be done that there is enough profit available and the budget is also good and still there might be deficiency of cash or of working capital in operation. If the supervision wants to find out as to the place that the cash will be utilized, economic statement simply cannot help. Consequently , a statement is definitely prepared from the sources and applications of funds from where Working Capital comes and it is applied. This is called Fund Circulation statement. Meaning of ‘Fund'

In a popular and generally recognized sense the word ‘fund' can be used to denote the surplus of current assets above current financial obligations: Working Capital    =   Current Assets – Current Financial obligations Meaning of ‘Flow' of Fund

Circulation of cash means transmigration (coming and going) of funds. Put simply, Flow of funds means change in Working capital, as in money flow statement the words ‘funds' mean net working capital. Therefore Coleman deservingly states that, " The fund assertion is affirmation summarizing the numerous financial alterations which have happened between the beginning and the end of a industry’s accounting period. ” В

The stream of finance if is usually represented simply by changes in working capital, then it can occur, only if a transaction involves changes on both current item and non-current item. Every purchase has twice entry. Numerous cases may be that purchase involves

вћў Alter on current assets and fixed assets (cash acquiring fixed assets) o Money being current item and fixed assets happen to be non current вћў Alter on current assets and current resources (credit sale for inventory) um Debtors is actually a current item and products on hand is also current in nature вћў Alter on current assets and change on current liabilities (payment made to creditors) o Money is current asset and creditor, current liability вћў Change on current debts and change upon current debts (short term loan taken up clear overdraft) вћў Alter on fixed assets and fixed financial obligations (sale of investments to redeem debentures) В

So , amongst each one of these combinations, deals which require change, similarly on current item and other hand in non current item, they will only cause fund flow.

E. g. * Promote investments in funds.

* Concern of shares

* Increasing long term loans, etc .

Hence fund stream statement enumerates various options from which funds come in business and various applications which will lead to use of funds. Costly important tool to check the efficiency of management in the firm. It makes future predictions about seed money requirements and so firm can arrange for all those requirements and may allocate money in a more successful manner.

Preparation of pay for flow statement involves prep of modified profit and loss consideration which is prepared by excluding the non pay for and low operating products from the primary figure of net revenue.

Different Names of Fund-flow Statement

5. A Cash Statement

5. A statement of sources...

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