S Roper Ethical Making decisions Paper

 S Roper Ethical Decision Making Paper


Ethical Decision-Making Paper

Sara A. Roper

Liberty College or university


Those who are consultants have to make ethical decisions all the time. Sometimes, those decisions can be hard and other moments they can be an easy, everyday decision. When an ethical decision can be difficult, the American Counselling Association (ACA) is there to steer a counselor in making the very best ethical decision. The ACA Ethics Panel has developed helpful information, A Practitioner's Guide to Honest Decision making, that may be there to assist counselors to make sound ethical decisions. This model is a seven-step model that addresses each of the areas in solving an ethical concern. These several steps contain; (1) determining the problem, (2) applying the ACA Code of Integrity, (3) deciding the nature and dimensions with the dilemma, (4) generating potential courses of action, (5) considering the potential outcomes off all options, deciding on a course of action, (6) evaluating the chosen course of action, and (7) applying the intervention. All of these actions with be addressed in an ethical trouble that is provided at the beginning. Determine the Problem

Her who is a licensed professional counselor has started to feel the stressors of working as being a counselor. She knows that if she would not take a vacation shortly that she may become burned out of her job. Realizing that, she determines that the lady must visit immediately. Her cancels most her sessions for the next week and communicates these kinds of cancellations which includes of her clients. Her fails to perform a couple of points before the girl heads from vacation. Firstly, she would not let most of her clientele know that she will be out of the office. Next, the girl does not stress about getting other people to cover her clients when she is eliminated, and then would not give customers adequate realize that she is departing on vacation.

This has induced ethical, legal, and professional problems to get Jane. As a counselor, Anne should know that she needs to inform all her clientele that she could be outside and need to make arrangements for these people if there is an urgent situation that occurs. Jane has decided to ignore the ethical codes of any professional counselor. Sanders (2013) states that, " A lot of people largely avoid the code of integrity. Faced with the constraints the ethical devices impose, that they ignore the constraints and forge their own paths” (pg. 18). Her decision is not sound. Jane has done something wrong and could potentially face effects for her actions. Apply the ACA Code of Values

There are a few honest codes inside the American Counseling Association's (ACA) Code of Ethics that Jane has failed to remember when ever she chooses to stand up and continue vacation with out making the appropriate arrangements. To start with, Standard A. 12 claims, " Consultants do not give up or forget clients in counseling. ” As a professional counselor, Her has both equally abandoned and neglected a number of her clientele by not informing all of them that she will be out of the office on vacation. Normal A. 12 also procedes say that consultants must make plans for treatment when there are disturbances such as holidays, illness, and termination. She also failed to adhere to this simply by not notifying her clients of someone else they may talk to in case of an unexpected emergency. Remley and Herlihy (2014) encourage specialist counselors " be careful to protect the best interest of clientele when providers have to be cut off or too early terminated” (pg. 91). If Jane is located to have forgotten her consumers she can face a lawsuit.

Another ethical situation that Anne fails to consider is customer welfare. Regular A. 1 . a discusses a counselor's primary responsibility and the ought to promote the welfare of clients. The lady does not stress about her clientele welfare mainly because in the moment the girl with only considering herself and has failed to keep in mind that she gets other consumers that could probably need her services.

Jane also may possess counselor impairment....

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