Table Top Worksheet

 Table Top Worksheet Essay

Scholar Name: ______Chelsey Colston_______

Particular date: ___9/23/14___ Course: _____Algebra2______


Assessment #1

1) Write the algebraic expression displayed by the algebra tiles. 2) What are the factors with this algebraic expression?

Review #2

Use the algebra tiles to square the subsequent binomials, then simply combine just like terms and write the ensuing expression. 1) = 4x

2) sama dengan 6x

3) =6y

4) = y=4x

Review #3

Form a rectangle with all the algebra floor tiles. What product is represented by the rectangle? Magenta, what are the factors on this product? X-Y

Simplify Complicated Expressions:

Record the responses towards the following queries.

1) Rewrite and then simplify the algebraic expression.

= 6x-6y/ (3x+3y) (3x+3y) sama dengan 6x+3x+3x/ 6y+3y+3y= 12x/12y=0

2) Rewrite and then simplify the algebraic phrase.

= (x-y2)*(x+y2)*(4x+4y) / (x-3y) (x+3y) (2x+2y) = X+x+4x+x+x+2x / 2y+ 2y+ 4y+ 3y+3y+2y= 8X/16Y= 4X/8Y= 2X/4Y= 1X/2Y 3) How many different ways do you think there are to create a complicated algebraic expression that simplifies to a single changing x? You will discover 3 various ways to write difficult algebraic expressions.

4) Write the own complicated algebraic phrase that easily simplifies to a sole variable by. Make sure you will need at least 2 polynomial identities to simplify it. Then easily simplify your manifestation to provide evidence that it easily simplifies to a sole variable x. Factoring


All are divisible by 3


one-half (9x^2+27x-3)

9x^2 / 3 + 27x /3 -3/3

= 3x^2 + 9x – 1

9x^2 + 27x – 3= a few (3x^2 & 9x – 1)

sama dengan 9x^2 + 27x – 3 as well as 3

= (3x^2 + 9x – 1)

= 3X^2 + 9x - 1

Purchase Screen Parts:

Tablets R Us Screens Totally Tablets ScreensTablet Mart Displays

1) List the 3 screens readily available from Tablets R Us including times value, y value, place, length, and width: times


Place ()

Duration (in)

Thickness (in)



three or more




2) List 3 of the screens obtainable from totally Tablets which include x worth, y benefit, area, size, and thickness: x


Area ()

Length (in)

Width (in)

3) List the 3 monitors available via Tablet Mart including times value, con value, area, length, and width: by


Region ()

Length (in)

Width (in)

4) What company can you buy monitors from? Verify your decision by providing the back button and y values you may need and show the calculations for area, measurements. Design The Tablet Prototype:

1) Sketch what your tablet will look like or perhaps find a photo. Label the width and height of the screen 2) Name the Tablet.

3) Pick for least a couple of tablet features and set a short explanation of each (examples: # of apps, acceleration, screen image resolution, memory, and so forth ). 4) Write a short paragraph explaining why your tablet is the foremost and how come people should buy one.

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